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Sadaqa Jaria

According to a saying of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) The best thing that a father gives to his children is good education and training.


A mosque is a place where Muslim men are required to perform five daily prayers. According to the tradition of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) a man who makes a mosque Allah makes a home for him in the heaven. Therefore Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation after proper investigation offers money for making mosques.

Please donate to Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation so that others can take advantage of these things and safe life. Inshallah these Departments could be start quickly to your help by the Grace of ALLAH.
donate now!


After coming to Madina Munawara, the things on which Holy Prophet (PBUH) emphasized included water provision as well. Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that to give someone water to drink, is the first charity a person can make. Thus after following the footsteps of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and listening to the sayings of Sahaba-e-Karaam, all those people who love God and His Prophet take the responsibility to provide water to the ones who are thirsty. By the grace of God, Arakan Rohingya Aid Trust, in order to be a source of pleasure for these beloved people of God uses its experience and individualistic strength to ensure the arrangement of water for everyone.

Requests from far flung areas are properly analyzed and after complete investigation and keeping in mind the place, procedure for provision of water gets started which includes digging of wells, solar coolers, retrieval of water from under the ground, filter plants of water as well as arrangement of water motors. This ultimately, becomes a means of forgiveness in our life after death.

Please donate in any conditions to Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation so that needy human can take advantage of these facilities and prey for your right.


In the holy month of Ramadan, every creature is showered with endless blessings and sumptuous bounties of the almighty Allah SWT.

Fasting is a way of experiencing hunger and developing sympathy for the less fortunate and for thankfulness and appreciation of Allah's bounties.

Through Arakan Rohingya Aid Trust, Muslims provide Iftar and food boxes to their less fortunate and needy brethren.

Aftar boxes are distributed in various places. These include busy roads, highways, jails, hospital, orphanages and madarsah. Also the traffic police constables responsible for maintaining the traffic during Ramadan are specially provided with these boxes.

In Ramadan due to the donors aid Arakan Rohingya Aid Trust makes thousands of Aftar boxes by just charging a mere amount of Rs. N/A per Box. This little amount is charged because most of the brands supply us with their products at a subsidize rate.

In the month of Ramadan ArakanRohingya Aid Trust provides Aftar to around 5000 people. The iftar boxes are not only beautiful but also consist of fresh and delicious food. Special care is taken that all food is fresh. donate now!


    How to perform a sadqa bakra?
    Arakan Rohingya Aid Trust has made the sacrifice of Sadqa Bakra very easy. Our donor friendly service enables you to perform the sadqa with comfort and easy, even at your doorstep.

    Sadqa Bakra by visiting our office (Karachi):
    1- Visit Arakan Rohingya Aid Trust.
    2- Get the receipt and token issued.
    3- Perform the sacrifice or get it performed by our staff.

    Doors Step Delivery:
    1- Call 021-35132411.
    2- Place your order for the required animal.
    3: A representative will reach at your location.
    4: Perform the sacrifice or get it performed by the representative.



In the city of Karachi, Arakan Rohingya Aid Trust is the provider of goats (bakra) for sadqa. Since the last 5 years, Arakan Rohingya Aid Trust is providing these services and excelling in them and today Arakan Rohingya Aid Trust buys goats to provide sadqa services. Also the meat that is provided by people through sadqa is distributed to the most deserving people.

According to the tradition of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) through sadqa (charity) believers are able to get away from difficulties and troubles in their lives. Therefore charity has been given a lot of importance in Islam and people are encouraged to do it. But for a normal person it is difficult to find an animal and do sadqa therefore Arakan Rohingya Aid Trust not only provides people with animal but also helps in sacrificing it and getting the meat distributed in the far flung areas where people are in dire need of it.


Islam encourages it followers to do aqeeqa to celebrate the birth of a new born baby in the family. It is recommended that aqeeqa should be done on the 7th day of birth and it is not very easy for the new parents to find the animal for aqeeqa hence Arakan Rohingya Aid Trust also provides aqeeqa services.

ARAF will provide absolutely free treatment to the needy and under-privileged patients by the Grace of ALLAH.

Rohingya Dialysis Centre (RDC) will be equip with the latest machines and technology and, being fully operational, will be able to perform more than 100 dialyses in a month Inshallah.

Kind Rates/unit
Sadqa Bakra Rs.6,500
Aqeeqa Bakra Rs.10,000
Sadqa Cow Rs.40,000
Sadqa Cow (Part) Rs.5,715
Sadqa Hen Rs.400



The numbers of accidents in Karachi are increasing everyday and to cope with such accidents Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation will launch two Rescue Center to help of Donors very Soon in Karachi . In every rescue centre two ambulances will stand 24 hours. Every Ambulance consist a Doctor and two persons with driver.


Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation helps of needy Muslims (Men, Women and Children) in performing the last rituals of their loved ones.

All the materials that are required to perform the tabulation of the deceased person, the coffin and complete arrangement of burial at Bag –e Korangi and Sharfi Got Qabristan are being provided by Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation.


ARAF does not advocate the tradition of giving Jahaiz, but we provide this service because it has become a social requirement these days. Many girls do not get married due to lack of Jahaiz. Upon request of the needy, we quietly investigate their case and try to help with items of need. We carry out our services in a way such that the self-respect of the subject is not hurt and they can fulfill their obligations honorably. We do not provide any monetary aid, we just provide items of need.

You can either provide us items that are useful in this respect or you can bear the expenses of the marriage of one poor orphan girl, which is around Rs.75, 000. If all of us can donate some of the money spent on unnecessary traditions at the weddings of our own children, we can earn valuable dua's of the needy.


Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation helps in marriages in three different ways either essential items of life are provided or furniture is provided by ARAF or a wedding dinner of 250-350 people is arranged by ARAF. One of the packages is provided to a family but depending upon the severity of conditions all the three above mentioned item could also be provided to a bride. As furniture today is inevitable need in weddings therefore the furniture that is provided consists of a bed, dressing table, cupboard and a divider.

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