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According to a saying of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) The best thing that a father gives to his children is good education and training.


In its last 5 years ARAF has performed outstanding social services to be proud of. These activities are such which should be followed and are admirable. ARAF thought out of the box and came up with the bright idea of such a service in which they collect old items of daily use and forwards them to those who are in need. No one knew that the worn out sofas in the store rooms of some houses could become the decoration of the others. The utensils which were useless to us became blessings for others. Your used garments reached the wardrobe of the indigent girls.

All the stuff that is worthless to you continues to become the object of facilitation for the poverty stricken families. The useless stuff entertained in the distribution includes furniture, electronics, books, medicines, worn clothes, utensils, wood, metal and all the other kinds of useless entities.

You are welcome to call us and our representatives would reach your home, factories, shops, or wherever you want and would gather the stuff you wish to give with sincere intents. One phone call would get you rid of the frayed and clapped out bits and pieces and together with it you would gather countless blessings of distressed souls.

Please donate to Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation so that others can take advantage of these things and safe life. Inshallah these Departments could be start quickly to your help by the Grace of ALLAH.
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On Eid ul Azah, Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation provides computerized collective sacrifice. This computerized system ensures that people have their bookings done months before Eid and they are provided with the time and day when they can collect their meat.

To perform collective sacrifice Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation will built various teams, each team will be responsible for 20 sub areas and one experienced person will do their supervisor. All the sacrifices will done under their supervision to ensure that everything will do in the right manner. INSHA ALLAH will be launch the Rate Eid ul Azha 2014 before Eid.


Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation also will collect animal’s skins and hides and later sell them for money. This money is used on a variety of services which include welfare of the poor and needy, ration for under privilege homes, education of needy student and marriages of needy girls.


In order for meat to reach the deserving people before Eid ul Azha, Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation will distribute token to people so that after the sacrifice they will collect meat. The token service will ensure that the meat will reach the most deserving people.

Please donate in any conditions to Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation so that needy human can take advantage of these facilities and prey for your right.


Unfortunate incidences are a trial from Allah for His creation. Where on one hand they bring forth the destruction and damage, there on the other hand they bring opportunities for philanthropists and humanitarians. In this context Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation with your full support pacifies the victims of these unpleasant events. Help them at every step. IN SHA ALLAH donate now!

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