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Ensuring better education

According to a saying of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) The best thing that a father gives to his children is good education and training.

All parents want to give their children the best education but some parents due to their economic and financial situation are unable to do so. But Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation with its donors help has taken the initiative of “Parents responsible for training of their children while Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation is responsible for their Education”.

Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation firmly believes in doing work in an organized and well managed way. All efforts are done to make sure that assistance is given to those who are in need of it. Throughout the year students are helped in all possible ways.

  • Establishment of educational institutions in poor and remote areas for free education in deserving children.
  • Students unable to advance further in their educational field will be assisted depending on their needs.
  • To fulfill the necessities of students such as stationary, uniform and their monthly school fees etc.
  • To uproot illiteracy, poverty and educational-deprivation out of society.
  • To acquaint inferiority-complex affected communities with the demands of present era through Islamic teachings and ideologies.
  • Foundation of scholastic centers, where labours and adults will gain education.
  • Professional trainings designed which aims only to make unskilled people of the society independent and be able to undertake needs.
  • Foundation of technical & vocational institutes.

So far 220 Hundred children have benefited from this scheme and our getting education in various schools across the city.

By the grace of God, Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation has not only expanded its operations but also quality has improved drastically. The continuous improvement in the field of education is an excellent example of it. Now Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation is not only providing assistance to school children but INSHA ALLAH the efforts have gone to extent that now assistance is also will have been given to college, graduating and higher education students.

We, at Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation realized the importance and immense need of Educating our nation.

Not only school course books are provided free of cost but the fee of intelligent students is granted for the whole academic year. The hundreds of needy students are being benefited with school fee program of the trust. With the extension of our services, our education activities have also increased. Now not only school but colleges going students are being granted the scholarship.

More over, in some special circumstances, students seeking higher education are also given aid to carry on their education.

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