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Chairman Message

Alhamdulillah, it is your hope and confidence which enabled us to serve the humanity in the most resourceful way. We started a long time ago in 2002, with bare hands and no resources but we were full of hope and confidence, bestowed us by Allah the Almighty and the trust of our donors…

The rest, as you all know is history. An organization started from scratch, is now providing free treatment facility of patients , Destitute students are being educated, Indigent parents are helped to arrange marriage of their daughters, people otherwise unable to put two square meals for their kids are fed daily. We are providing grocery and house hold items of families, employment opportunities to people seeking employment and the list goes on…

But all these services require patronage, and patronage & cooperation is what we need most.

Come close and observe what we are doing, you are welcome to visit the organization any time you want to, but keep us blessed with your trust, confidence and cooperation. May Allah accept our virtuous deeds for the betterment of our people and society. (Ameen)

Qari Abdul Rahim Rahimi

  • 0092 321 8775327
  • qarr@arkanrf.org

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation ® has a vision of making Pakistan a great country to live in, and every human make a good citizen where he live in. where even person has means to feed his family, kids has a right to education, every patient has resources to get treatment.

We have and endeavor for a society whose key characteristic is patience and tolerance, something badly needs.


Alhamdu Lillah, Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation ® believes in the philosophy of Welfare for all without any discrimination of Color, Cast or Creed. Strictly following Islamic Principles as a guideline for rendering free of cost services to humanity, the organization is extending the domain of its services day by day.

Accountability, being the top priority of the Trust, the welfare activities are carried out to reach every deserving person. We aim at providing relief to the indigent humanity and to every destitute person who requires a helping hand.

As the famous Chinese proverb goes," Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime", Arakan Rohingya Aid Foundation (Trust) strives to create opportunities for the people to develop self reliance and to make them a useful member of the society.

True Meaning of Human Rights (Global point of view)

Rights entitled to every person from his/her birth as an inhabitant of the world without geographical confinements are called human rights.